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Our aims

We have been running fieldwork visits to east London since 2009, before the London Olympics were held and before the Olympic Park was open.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of schools from throughout the UK. Our work continues as part of the Olympic legacy and we’d like all schools to be a part of it.

In offering geography fieldwork experiences in east London, we hope to fulfil these aims:
  • To promote urban geography and to encourage schools to use the urban environment for fieldwork. East London is an area of huge geographical interest, worthy of study both for students from other parts of the UK and local schools.
  • To provide exciting and memorable learning experiences for students outside the classroom. It is a fact, when asked what they remember from their time at school, most people mention an experience outside the classroom.
  • To demonstrate, through good practice, high quality geography teaching. Our programmes are enquiry-based, designed as genuine geographical investigations, to really engage students, improve learning and, ultimately, raise exam results.
  • To provide an affordable service for schools at a time when budgets, and hence opportunities for outdoor learning, are limited. With our local knowledge we are able to run programmes that would be difficult for most schools to organise.
  • To be part of the London 2012 Olympic legacy which aims, among other things, to leave an educational legacy and to promote fitness and outdoor activity. We have an inclusive approach that caters for students of all backgrounds and abilities.
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