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Risk assessment

We provide one, generic, risk assessment for all the programmes we run in East London. The main risks in an urban area are common to most of our programmes – crossing roads, travelling by train, encounters with the public. It is important that you are familiar with the risk assessment before you come.

If students are using mobile phones, it might be a good idea to share numbers, so teachers and students are within contact through the day.

Perhaps, the single most important thing before you arrive is to remind students to come wearing appropriate clothing for fieldwork, allowing for the time of year. We do not insist on school uniform, though we do find it helps us to keep sight of students and to identify them as school students when meeting members of the public.

Clarity of roles between UGEL and school staff

It is important that all parties are clear on the roles of UGEL staff and school staff in relation to safeguarding. UGEL tutors are highly experienced trip leaders who know the area of work extremely well. However, their role is limited to offering information, advice and guidance to support the school’s trip leader in the safe running of the fieldtrip. UGEL tutors should be seen as facilitators with the ultimate responsibility resting with the school leader. This is because the school staff know the pupils better and are therefore better placed to know how pupils might respond in different circumstances.

UGEL risk assessment form

To download a PDF copy of our risk assessment, please click on the link below.

Footer image of Thames Cable Car at sunset in London
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Footer image of Thames Cable Car at sunset in London